What are we about

We want to see third culture kids thrive.

Welcome to the Bright Green Project! This is a website for everything TCK! We have a passion to connect TCKs around the world, and this website is just for that. The Bright Green Project is a place to connect all TCKs and provide a unique community to grow in. Our goals are simply to highlight the awesome parts of growing up cross culturally and build a great platform for parents and kids to talk. We are wide open to your creative ideas.

The Bright Green Project is a campaign launched by Odyssey, ISC – a youth ministry committed to developing expat youth in China. You may find special offers or resources on their site that might be helpful to you as well.  Odyssey specializes in trips, training, and curriculum that blend the three contexts of education, discipleship, and TCKs.

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Our Vision

  • Gain an understanding of TCK’s
  • Build a community of global citizens