We Bring the Resources to You

Life can be a lot like this picture sometimes. You can’t see your final destination, but you know that in order to get there, sooner or later you will have to leave the comfort and safety of the meadow and face the dark forests and treacherous trails. Life is pretty intimidating, confusing, even scary at times and it is often difficult to figure out the best path to take. Establishing a solid personal identity in this world is a wild journey for every person. But for TCKs, who grow up surrounded by very transient and multicultural people, the internal wrestling match to discover their purpose and potential can be particularly complex.

That is why we here at The Bright Green Project are working hard to develop resources that help TCKs thrive in their identity. Some of our resources highlight the good things about being a TCK, while others dive into the complexities, hard questions, and common issues. Our workshops are geared for elementary through high school age students in international schools. Our trained staff come right into your classroom to facilitate activities, discussion, and interaction with the students and teacher. You can view our workshops and products, download lesson plans to use with your class, and get ideas for engaging activities to do with your students by using the drop down menu above under “resources.” Enjoy!